Writing Tips for Christian Fiction Writers

Writing Tips for Christian Fiction Writers
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"The Easy Way to Write Bible Studies"

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This is a project we've been working on for some time now. We felt it important we get it just right - to present you with a fresh, credible (and lucrative) writing market with the good taste and objectivity the subject matter requires.

Have you ever considered this market seriously?

If you are the least bit interested in human nature, in spirituality or in community, then you should.

It's a little known fact that many Christian markets actually pay more per word than most magazines - and the demand for content is vast in a country (the US) where 48% of the population claim to be active Christians and 71% believe in divine guidance.

And don't kid yourself that Christians like to shy away from issues. They don't. There are literally thousands of thriving communities with affiliated well paying markets out there, eager for your writing contributions.

The Easy Way to Write Bible Studies

Included in this brand new resource is a thorough listing of markets as well as a guide to studying the Bible - even if you've never read it before.

Here's a taster of what's in the package:

The six basic rules of Bible interpretation:

  • Learn how to read the Bible in a modern context using your common sense and intelligence to produce highly saleable articles, discussion papers and even virtual 'sermons'.
  • Learn how to approach bible language and depictions - clearing the fog and discovering meaning in seeming contradictions.
  • How to use humor to get your point across.
  • How to bring the Bible to life, to make it fresh and relevant with each new article.
  • Learn how to put aside your own 'prejudices' on sex, morality, and personal agendas.
  • Discover the difference between symbolic and literal interpretation Learn the little known meanings of Bible names and references.
  • Come to know the Bible as a rich source of reference and spiritual enlightenment.
  • Get to know some of the specific historical perspectives and how our own culture has distorted or oversimplified the Bible's words

This unique resource has been put together by literature graduate and freelance writer Carole McDonnell, whose work has appeared in many publishing venues, in print and online, far too numerous to mention here!

Her extensive knowledge of the Bible and its characters and events is awesome.

She also knows the relevant markets like the back of her hand too. You could come to no better teacher for an informed guide to this fascinating writing arena.

Carole takes you through everything, including copyright, editorial and financial considerations.

Don't get hung up on this being some secular activity. It is a writer's market and as such, pays generously for your knowledge and expertise.

The main study book contains 234 pages packed with information and comment on all aspects of the Old and New Testaments. Including in depth analysis of the Gospels - on how and why their stories differ and coincide, as well as scholarly and fair assessment of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nephilim, the role of the media, racism, slavery, abortion, even sex.

There's also a Bible reading plan - a complete beginners' guide to the Good Book.

Plus a complete market listing for Christian writers, including: general, denominational, ethnic, geographical etc.

Further sub-divided into book reviewers, juvenile, moral and media issues, op-ed, devotional, apologetic and academic, Bible studies, health, prayer, theology, archeological and linguistic studies, ministerial, feminism, intellectualism, church working, Christians in business, family, politics, home-schooling, etc etc. for print and online markets.

This whole package is offered for only $27. Go here to secure yours:

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Keep writing!

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