Writing Tips for Christian Fiction Writers

Writing Tips for Christian Fiction Writers
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Christian Writers market Guide
2010 Christian Writer's Market Guide


 Christian Writing Articles

Breaking into the Christian Fiction Market
by Teresa Slack
Breaking into the Christian fiction market can be a lot more difficult than most Christian fiction writers think!

The Uses and Misuses of Inspiration
by Carole McDonnell
The Lord gave me this idea.”  How often I’ve heard a new writer say this? Often, this sentence preceded great stories. But just as often it introduced writings that were so half-baked I found myself searching for a tactful way to say “Please don’t blame the Lord for this.”  

Writing Christian and Inspirational Literature
by Harrine Freeman
Writing Christian literature means wrting to tell a story, but it also means writing that can affect or change one's life.

Writing Great Christian Articles
by Toni Star
Here are some simple techniques to create great, creative Christian articles.

Fact, Fiction and Truth: The Perils and Joys of Religious Writing
by Elizabeth Cunningham
The best stories teach us to be courageous in the face of danger, resourceful in times of hardship, kind to strangers and animals, discerning in making choices that are often not what they seem.

Green Eyed Monster
by Donna J. Shepherd
Have you ever read a passage that so moved you, that you began to wonder if your own writing could ever compete? Donna looks at a way to remedy the green-eyed monster.

"It's All My Fault"
by Carole McDonnell
How many times have you heard characters say this? Carole looks at dealing with the guilt complex within characterizations

God's Writing Prompts
by Janet Elaine Smith
One writer's inspiring tale of faith - and success - and how you can do it too!

Five Fiction Facts
By Dr. Mary Ann Diorio
Writing fiction is an art based on important principles. Mary Ann looks at five of them...


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